Cheap Flights to New York City


New York is a home offering different experience ranging from cultural awakening to a pleasing shopping trip.

This city houses iconic US landmarks such as the quintessential attractions and topping all is the Statue of Liberty,

Central Park and Times Square. Some of the must-see places lure travelers to explore the city as this city emanates an aura combining wisdom, depth and irresistible charm.

New York seems to be daunting for a first-time visitor with dogs barking at cats, Wall Street businessmen arguing over cabs and truck drivers at cyclists.

But, above all these, there is much more such as to take a horse-drawn carriage ride, visit shopping arcades, do some serious window shopping, head to hip cafes, funky boutiques and art galleries after arriving from flights to New York.

Travelers can explore the city on a horse-drawn carriage, short walk to shopping arcades, do some window shopping and head to hip cafes, funky boutiques and art galleries.

New York experiences hot summers, cold winters and snow hovering around zero. The peak season initiates cultural season highlighting ballet, opera and theatre in full swing.

This results in rocketing prices for hotels and airfares. But, booking New York cheap flights in advance keeps the electric excitement to heights. The climate between Aprils to September draws tourists in hordes and there are great deals available on hotels and the chances of cheap flights to New York can also be availed.

The winters are cold and windy between January and March, but for Valentine’s Day in February, this is the most reasonable time to avail New York cheap flights and discounted hotel prices.

People traveling to New York on business are more; however visitors also are huge in numbers to soak in the incredible atmosphere. Visiting New York allows to experience the energy and to soak in the diversity.

The airports are well-facilitated and there is passenger facility charges US$4.50 to be paid.Cheap flights to New York is offered from UK airports and it takes 7 to 8 hours from London.

The airlines offering direct flights are American Airlines, British Airways, Aer Lingus, Delta, Thomson, Virgin Atlantic, while Kuwait Airways and Air India fly from Heathrow and from Manchester on Pakistan International Airlines.