Cheap Flights to Columbus


Columbus is the Midwestern gem and booking flights to Columbus offers a distinct tour to explore and enjoy.

This was earlier a shipping port, but now is full of sports, arts, education, shopping and leisure.

Columbus began as a serious factory town and had industrial establishments.

This made it fluent in business, but now it is a planned urban environment with abundance of hotels, restaurants, offices and shops.

Columbus enjoys a typical Midwest season with heat waves in summer, while winters are mild, yet warm clothing is required and occasional showers in fall and spring.

The ideal time to book Columbus flights is in summer as the temperatures are mild with infrequent rain showers. Packing sunglasses and light clothing is appropriate. It is worth booking Columbus cheap flights so that you can save some money.

However, off seasons are the appropriate times to find discount hotel rates as well as cheap flights to Columbus. There are attractions worth visiting such as Museum of Art boasting collection of modernists, impressionists and cubists, Jack Nicklaus Museum, King Arts Complex and Columbus Alive Magazine.

Columbus cheap flights arrive at Port Columbus International Airport. The popular and cheap flights to Columbus are from Atlanta, Augusta, Orlando, Miami and Chicago offering round trip starting the airfare at $129, $147, $159, $179 and $179 respectively.

Recently there are other flights also coming to Columbus from Albuquerque, Chico, Waco and Anchorage. Visitors coming here can be confident of their stay owing to the availability of accommodations in all ranges from luxurious hotels to cheap motels.

Travelers arriving at Port Columbus International Airport can feel ensured as he will get all that he desires, good food, excellent shopping, car rental agencies and information center.

The peak season air travel prices are high and also vary with flights from Miami or Chicago charging an airfare of $200/ passenger and $160 from New York, prior to fees and taxes. However, looking for cheap flights to Columbus becomes inevitable if you are a fresh student joining a college as spending on transportation much will leave you without funds to spend.