Cheap Flights to Beijing

Beijing is the second-largest city and capital of China. Beijing is over 3000 year old, but travels at a dizzying space.

It houses notable attractions namely, the Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, the Palace Museum, the Temple of Heaven, the Open- Urban Square, the Summer Palace and the Great Wall.

The domestic and international flights to Beijing arrive at the Capital Airport and Air

China and British Airway offer flights from Heathrow to Beijing.

Travelers can find average temperature in September and October. The winters are cold and in December and January can fall below zero. Summer is hot and muggy. Reaching the airport and the city centre is convenient through shuttle buses.

Metered taxis are available and take an hour traveling time. Cycling is adventurous for aggressive drivers and subways are over crowded in peak hours that bus traveling is delayed.

The attractions in Beijing were recently overhauled in 2008 and so availing Beijing cheap flights will be beneficial. Weather-wise also it is ideal to travel between February to April in spring and August to October in autumn.

Looking for cheap flights to Beijing during freezing winters and stifling summers is perfect, if you are prepared to face extreme temperatures.

There are Beijing cheap flights available from major airports in UK and takes nearly 10 hours from London. Air China and British Airways fly from Heathrow and Emirates from Heathrow via Dubai.

Cheap flights to Beijing include direct flights from New York, Chicago and Los Angeles on United Airlines and Air China. There are direct flights from New York and Los Angeles on US Airways and on Continental from New York.

Taking cheap flights to Beijing or not, but on arriving at the international airport, you will find it well-facilitated having ATMs, telephones, duty free shops, tourist information and bureaux de change. The food corridor offers eating and drinking options and the entertainment centre offers from films to Chinese massage.

Remember that the departure tax for domestic is ¥50 and international flights are ¥90. Flights can be booked online in advance and this can be done well ahead by doing comparison shopping with various flights.