Cheap Flights to Bangkok

Bangkok is Thailand’s capital and also a popular tourist destination. It is a huge city housing over 11 million people.

Bangkok is prominent for it vibrant nightlife, shopping and beautiful Buddhist temples, besides being an immense business centre.

Formerly, a trading community became Thailand’s capital and today covers an immense area.

It is today a bustling city meeting traditional and modern Thai culture.

Booking flights to Bangkok is worth it as you can visit many places of attractions that are must-see places namely, the Grand Palace, the Wat Phra Kaew, the National museum and the Emerald Buddha carved out a single jade piece Eithad Airways offers services from Abu Dhabi, Geneva, Paris, London, Geneva and Manchester.

Travelers can book their seats online and avail Bangkok cheap flights. Booking your flights with proper itinerary helps you in visiting all the must see attractions and also in enjoying your trip.

Cheap flights to Bangkok are available from the UK airports and it takes nearly 11 to 12 hours to fly from London to Bangkok international.

The airlines flying direct to Bangkok are Thai Airways, British Airways, Eva Airways and Qantas from Heathrow. The other indirect flights also fly from other UK airports and Heathrow.

The USA also operates indirect flights to Bangkok landing at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Regular connecting flights are available and you will surprisingly find cheap flights to Bangkok offering best fare for booking in advance.

The indirect flights fly from Boston, New York and Chicago through SWISS and Lufthansa from Seattle. The other flights are United Airlines from Washington DC, Houston, New York, Chicago and Boston, while Continental and Emirates fly from Houston and New York.

Qatar Airways, Northwest Airlines, Thai Airways and British Airways also have their indirect services to Bankok. Travelers can find Bangkok cheap flights by searching well in advance.

Arriving through cheap flights to Bangkok is itself a great achievement as you can use the money in various entertainment activities.

The transfer between terminals is done with shuttle buses offering free service. There are public buses and Airport Express providing air-conditioned coaches. Apart from these, car rentals and airport taxis are available. The taxi ride costs US$7 to $12.